Almost Spring And Almost Celebrating

Today has been just fantastic, one of those days that reminds me how happy I am with my life.  I felt totally blessed.

First, lunch.  I was too busy for breakfast but I did have a nice noon-time meal.  Dannon Oikos Cafe Latte Greek Yogurt.  So smooth and creamy, and the flavor was better than any other coffee yogurt I’ve ever had.

dannon greek cafe latte

Cascadian Farm Crunchy Oats & Honey Granola Bar.


GoGo Squeez Cinnamon Applesauce.

gogo squeez

’twas a good lunch.

But the news I got just before lunch was even better – Adam is going to be a surgeon!  Ok, so it wasn’t surprising news, but it was good to have things confirmed.  Today is the first half of Match Day and on Friday we’ll learn where (and if) we’re going to move.  So exciting!  I opened the e-mail and burst into tears, right there on the Neuro floor.  Apparently I’ve been a little bit stressed.  But I can’t stress enough, how proud I am of my husband!!!

I got home before him this afternoon so I got him a few congratulation gifts.


I may have stolen a few bites.  2 dumplings,


and 2 big bites of frosting.



And I got more good news this evening – my night class was canceled!  This meant I had free time to celebrate the real news with Adam.  The past two days have basically been Spring so we took a long walk up Elmwood, in sandals natch.


My taste buds are even more ready for Spring than my feet.  We wanted to get take-out so we could go home and watch “The Nanny” and I had the hardest time choosing food because I had to have something fresh.  I couldn’t stand the thought of cheddar, popcorn or runny eggs, my usual favorites!

I ended up getting a green juice for our walk.


And bringing a salad from Ashker’s home.

ashker's salad

I added banana peppers, tomatoes, and kalmata olives to the Roasted Turkey, Apple, Walnut Salad; which also came with spring mix, feta, craisins, and Vidalia onion dressing.  It was exactly what I’d been craving.

Dessert was something amazing.

liz lemon

I’ve been stalking local freezers for weeks and I squealed with joy when I finally spotted Ben and Jerry’s Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt last night.

Three things you should know:

  1. I adore both lemon and lavender in dessert
  2. I have a legit problem with Ben and Jerry’s ice creams
  3. I recently decided that Liz Lemon is my spirit tv character

I had 1.5 servings and loved every bite.


Buffalo people – I found my pint at the Elmwood Tops.

Have a great night!

7 thoughts on “Almost Spring And Almost Celebrating

  1. When I first read that your husband is in med school, I wondered if that meant you guys might one day have to move for his job. (Hopefully it wouldn’t be too soon….I haven’t been able to meet you yet!) 🙂

    What would you do about your schooling if you had to move? Transfer to a new university?

    • I hope we get a chance to meet too!

      The great part about the advanced program I’m in is that I’m done with my program in May as well – if I hadn’t gotten in I would have another year of internship to complete in Buffalo and it would have been a problem.

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