I’ve made it halfway through the first week of this rotation and I only sort of want to nap for a million years.  The teachers have warned us for years that this is the placement that makes everyone get in bed at 9 pm.  I’m crazy, so I’m still staying up ’til midnight, but I’m definitely tired!

I’ve been eating breakfast at the hospital but I need to figure out a new system because the cost of bars is going to add up.  This one was a free sample at least.


And tasty too.  Cascadian Farm Crunchy Peanut Butter Granola Bar.

Lunch was more black-eyed pea salad (beans, green pepper, cheese, smoked almonds).


The Talenti gelato pint made an awesome leftovers container; gotta love that screw-on lid.


Plus a pear.


I skipped the dark chocolate today because I knew we were planning a big dinner.

Of course, then I decided to get a milkshake on the way home.

shamrock shake

You have to do a yearly Shamrock Shake!  This was so good.

I also had a bagel thin with smoked salmon cream cheese when I got home.


I’ve been so hungry today, I want to say it was yesterday’s workout but let’s be real, I only did 4 miles.

Dinner was fantastic; loaded baked potatoes for the win.


Toppings included turkey bacon, mushrooms cooked in turkey bacon drippings, Smart Balance Light, shredded cheese, and green onions.


We were both practically licking our plates.

And I had a Toasted Onion Sea Snax while we watched The Nanny.


Love that show!  We’ve got two more episodes to go and then I’ve got to get to bed.  Good night!

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