An Alarming Morning

So… My alarm didn’t go off this morning.  I woke up naturally, 5 minutes after I was supposed to have been taking my coat off at the hospital.

Eeeeek!  It was a stressful morning.  And I may not have brushed my teeth yet today (don’t worry, I chugged mouthwash!) but I did have a good shift at the hospital.  I worked on some really interesting patients and managed to get all of my work done on time, in spite of my late start.  <– real talk though, I was only a little bit late; I’m basically a master at speedy dressing.  I even looked sort of cute!

I clearly didn’t eat breakfast, but I did manage to grab my packed lunch out of the fridge.  More black-eyed pea salad.


A new variety of apple.


And a half serving of dark chocolate.


I had a little more chocolate after work too, in the form of a caramel marshmallow egg.

easter candy

The Cadbury eggs have nothing on this guy.

Dinner ended up being a slice of buffalo chicken pizza (that’s actually a half slice, I split with Adam) with baby carrots and blue cheese.


So good.  This was actually just supposed to be a snack but I never could motivate myself back up off the couch again.  I guess that means today’s workout will have to be a Friday affair.

When was the last time your alarm let you down?

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