Cider House Run

Let me apologize in advance for what is sure to be a post riddled with typos.  I’ll do my best, but I can’t make any promises.  I’m two days in and I’m going to have to agree with my friends who were in the previous rotation – this placement is exhausting.

Breakfast was a Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan Barre.


This bar was in my Yumvelope shipment.  The ingredient list is great – dates, walnuts, pecans, agave nectar, hemp seed, rolled oats, hemp protein, ground flax-seed,brown rice protein, vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt, peanuts – but I wasn’t a big fan of the final flavor; too much date.

Plus hospital coffee with 2% milk.


We get free soda and coffee at this hospital so expect to see a lot of caffeine breaks!

Lunch was an easy assortment.  A Pear Chobani.


A Honeycrisp apple.


And 70% dark chocolate.


I also packed this blue algae nut butter packet but I threw it out one lick in.


Much too gaggy.

At the end of the day, Adam texted me that he and a friend were at a bar near our house so I met them for a quick drink.


The McKenzie’s Seasonal Reserve Hard Cider was great.  It had notes of cinnamon that were quite tasty.

I headed straight from Cole’s to meet my friend for a gym visit.  I’m back to the Couch to 10k plan, right where I left off, though obviously I’ve got to stick with it this time.  2 minutes of running/3 minutes of walking, x 10.  I am fat, I am out of shape, I was still a little drunk – my workout was so flipping hard!

In spite of my extreme tiredness and Adam’s messing up our meal plan by eating while I was at the gym, I managed to cobble together a good dinner.  I was worried about not having enough to eat, but I think I ultimately went a bit overboard!

My favorite black-eyed pea salad,


green beans with shredded parmesan,


and 1.5 servings of Wegman’s vegan “chicken” nuggets with sweet and sour sauce.


Everything was delicious.  Those nuggets are awesome.

Have you ever done the inebriated workout?

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