Finals Frustration

I really wanted to post the last few days but I was upset about a bunch of things that I couldn’t put on the blog.  Today was the official end of the semester and the only word I can come up with to describe this day was “eventful.”  I’m still angry and disappointed about things I can’t talk about but I think that the pictures of today’s eats actually paint a pretty accurate portrait of today’s mood all on their own.

At clinic…




While studying at a coffee shop…



{note – that latte was made with *chocolate chip cookie* flavored syrup!}

On a trip to the mall…


After the day’s third and final catastrophe…


I work 20+ hours this weekend and then have a giant cumulative exam on Monday.  Ugh.

I’ve clearly whined enough; would you like to vent about anything?  I’d love to listen.

3 thoughts on “Finals Frustration

  1. I finished finals today so I know how you feel… hang in there! I did absoultely terrible on my biochemistry exam… and it’s worth 1/2 of my total grade! There was SO much information and I studied all the wrong things.. but at the end of the day I just had to get over it because I did well in my other 12 credits.. these 4 won’t kill me!

  2. I’m about to jump into the intense part of finals, so I can relate the the stress. We’ll get through it though!
    My big rant is about my stinky roommates and their insistence that I keep my bedroom door closed because they think my hedgehog smells bad. They’re wrong, but more importantly, closing the door makes my room freezing (which is bad for hedgehogs)! So they’re the pits. Thanks for the opportunity to vent- I hope things get better soon!

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