Still Searching for ‘Rita

Did you have a successful Saturday?  Ours was sort of a wash.  I did my to-do’s and had some fun with the husband but I also felt sick and spent many hours curled up in bed.  I guess I’m just glad I was awake long enough to do what I needed to do.

For breakfast the husband took me to the new juice bar he spotted.

Code Blu was a win!  Cute space and good juice.

*Hulk smash*

I got an “” – spinach, kale, parsley, romaine, cucumber, celery, lemon, and apple.

Delicious!  I liked how much it tasted like a lemonade.  And there was combo on the menu with kale and watermelon so we’ll definitely be back.

We didn’t grocery shop at all for this week (only soda, cottage cheese, and fruit for Adam were purchased) so our errands were very quick but I was still complaining of hunger by the time we were done.  I ate this handful of peanut m&m’s to try to stave off more whining.

Bletch; these only led to more complaining; why do they have such a terrible aftertaste?

When I woke up this morning the only thing I could think of was margaritas.  I don’t even like tequilla so it was an odd craving but it was a strong one.  Unfortunately none of the Mexican restaurants nearby were open for lunch (sidenote – I am flipping out over Cantina Loco‘s menu, I need to go there immediately).  Then I remembered the free appetizer coupon I had for TGIFriday’s.  I knew the margarita wouldn’t be the best ever, but I figured it was better than nothing.

Nothing would have been better.  Adam and I split this skinny margarita and neither of us were fans.

The only redeeming thing I can say is that it had only 120 calories so at least I didn’t waste a meal’s worth of calories on the worst drink I’ve ever had.  The sweetness level was sickening.  Now I need to keep trying until I find a margarita that quenches my craving; I’m up to the task!

With our free appetizer coupon we got an order of pretzel sticks with beer cheese.

Beer cheese and pretzels are both always good things. 

I ate 1.5 pretzels with cheese.  We took one pretzel home for later but we probably should have just split it because the rest of lunch was a bust.

We split a cranberry jalapeño turkey reuben, no butter on the bread.

I loved this sandwich when I attended the tasting a few weeks back, but I couldn’t even finish my half today.  It was too spicy and totally tasteless all at the same time.

I did eat most of my side salad with balsamic though.

Our meal came with dessert for only a dollar more so we took a chance on the “Oreo Madness.”

Yuck again.  Adam actually ate most of it but I was unimpressed, and I’m the one who loves Oreos.

By the time we got home I was totally ill, a fact for which I blame the skinny sour mix in the margaritas.  Not my best idea.  But after a much-needed nap we pulled it together and switched out our closets and spring cleaned the storage containers.  Go us!

Dinner ended up being a bag of popcorn.

No complaints there!

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