I Need A Plan

I’m a girl who needs a plan. I am obsessed with my day planner. I make weekly meal plans in bed as I fall asleep. As you’ve seen, if my workouts don’t follow an exact schedule they tend not to happen.

That’s why, without a 10k in sight on the day planner, I’ve decided to follow this Couch to 10k Plan. Not because I’m signing up for a race, but because I hope it will get me back to the gym and back in my running groove. I decided to start at week 4 because I was reasonably certain that I could handle 2 minute spurts of running.

But I also need to follow the plan. I didn’t this morning and it cost me an hour of time and aggravation. I had three things to do in the morning – errands, moving my car, and my first CT10k workout – and the plan was to leave with Adam. But I had weird, vivid dreams all night and a 6:30am rousing made me feel like throwing up. I ended up waiting in bed until 8:50, getting up just in time to move my car. I drove to school, no spots. Went on one errand and back, no spots. It wasn’t until my third return to school that I finally found a place to park. Arrgh!

But my treadmill workout went great. Week 1.1 was 11 sets of 2 minutes running, 3 minutes walking. With warm up and cool down it came to 63 minutes and 4.5+ miles. I don’t know the exact distance because a guy walked by and kicked the plug out of my machine just as I was finishing up.

The rest of my morning/afternoon involved a lot of hurrying to get to class on time and not a lot of feeding myself.  Whoops.  After class I had a mock interview to go to.  The interview was required for a class assignment but I’m really glad to have the experience.  It was video-taped (holy crap, that zit on my chin!) and getting to actually see myself in action was helpful.  My interviewer said I was great, by the way.  Woot!

Then Adam picked me up and this happened –

Hello, lover.  Going two weeks without diet soda wasn’t impossible but it wasn’t fun either.

But while we were at 7-11 something scary happened too.  A major head-on collision right across the street, complete with fire and explosions.  Adam run over to help and I’m not going to lie, it was kind of sexy to see him in action.  (<– I can say that now because everyone involved was ok)

Adam reeked of smoke and I hadn’t eaten all day so we told ourselves we were in shock and headed out for Thai food.  Such a good decision!  And they must have still had lunch pricing going because it was super cheap too.

The husband and I split two dishes, pretty much equally.  Cashew nut tofu, which came with rice.

And Pad See Ew, without egg.

Both dishes were great.  You seriously can’t go wrong with broad rice noodles.  Both dishes were sadly lacking in veggies though, and I was glad that this meal was “lunch” and not “dinner” so I could squeeze more produce into my day later on.

Several hours and some school work afer my late lunch, it was time for late dinner.

I had a baked potato topped with Smokey Maple Baked Beans.

And a side of roasted green beans.

Much better.

Have you ever witnessed a scary car accident?

2 thoughts on “I Need A Plan

  1. Oh gosh…glad everyone was okay! It’s kind of funny…I once witnessed a very nasty head-on crash between two cars when I was in medical school. My friend who was in the car with me (not a doctor or a med student) was like, “You should go help!” and I just drove past as quickly as possible. LOL! I’m not proud of that moment, but I wasn’t confident at all that I’d know what to do, and I was afraid of looking like an idiot. ( I can safely say that’s passed though, and thank God since I’m caring for patients on a daily basis now.) So yay for Adam and his awesome skills!!! *thumbs up!*

    I ended up roasting some green beans because you always make yours look so good, and they were Le Yum! Out of curiosity, do you leave the little tails on the end? You know, the crusty stems? I cut mine off, but what a pain!

    • I think if you’re not 100% confident you’re better off letting someone else help, no shame!

      I always buy the pre-cut, pre-washed green beans! This bag was French green beans and they were not circumcised and not as enjoyable.

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