Off The Road

I made it!  I was a little nervous about driving 7 hours by myself but it ended up being ok.  Of course I’d rather drive with Adam, but it’s nice to know that I can do it by myself.  Caffeine helped.  A sugar-free Red Bull was brought from home.

I also brought lunch so I wouldn’t have to stop.  Cheese and jam sandwich.

That’s 2 slices of Dakota topped with 2 oz of 50% reduced fat white cheddar and Crofters Concord Grape Spread.

And a baggie of carrots.

I did stop once to pee and I grabbed a half sweet coffee for the 2nd half of the trip.

And then I was there!  My dad took me to rent a bike as soon as I arrived (there’s a path near my grandparents’ house that we’re going to use this weekend) and we went out for a short ride.

Soon enough it was time for dinner.

Baked asparagus,

breaded baked chicken,

a rice mixture,

caprese salad,

and fruit on the side.

After dinner I took my grandpa to a local baseball game and then the whole family ended up meeting for ice cream.

That’s a small twist with marshmallow.

And now it’s bed time.

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