It’s Beginning To Taste A Lot Like Christmas

It’s less than 1 week until Christmas and 2 weeks until 2017 <– how is that even possible?!!

After a brutally frigid Saturday, Adam and I took advantage of the practically balmy Sunday and spent some time walking around Manhattan.  We explored the Grand Central Station and Bryant Park markets and enjoyed the tree, the Christmas ornament statues, and the holiday window displays.



Here were my best bites…

I’m still completely obsessed with both Pacific Rose apples and eggnog iced coffees.


The hot chocolate from Max Brenner (with a marshmallow on top!) is the thickest and tastiest in the city.


Muuna cottage cheese is pretty darn good.  That’s an iced tea in the background, in lieu of a 2nd iced coffee, and I’m not even sure who I am anymore.


I’m not over these super cheesy turkey sandwiches – on an onion roll – from the cafeteria.  Served with broccoli drizzled in honey mustard dressing.


I made sour cream and three onion dip!  Sautéed spring onions and garlic / caramelized onions / fresh chives.


This lavender honey beer was enjoyable but far more sour than either of us were expecting.


This cupcake from Magnolia was the best eggnog-flavored item of this season, including jelly beans and a scoop from Ample Hills.  The icing was marshmallow meringue!


Crossing my fingers for a slow pre-holidays week at the hospital.

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