This Week I Loved…

This week I loved:



I made a batch of my Buttered Rum Raisin Cookies for a birthday and work and my coworkers all gave rave reviews.


When it comes to all things pop-culture – including but not limited to music, Netflix-exclusive tv shows, memes, and modern slang – Adam is usually a month or two behind the other American 20-30 year olds.  This past week, I’ve gotten him up to speed on Sia and now we’re both obsessed.  Her sound is unique, the work she’s showcased of Maddie Ziegler’s is breathtaking, and when you compare her artist persona to someone like Kanye she seems like a dream.  I for one adore the mega-bangs; the focus is on her art instead of her looks and they are somehow just not as douchetastic as the Daft Punk helmets.  Sidenote – to be fair to Adam, he actually has been listening to Sia for the past 5 years, even if he wasn’t aware of it, ever since we loved her music in “Dollhouse.”

Spiced iced coffee



I cold-pressed a big batch of espresso blend with cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar.  This was delicious; I want to add some spice to all of my future brews.

Turkey sandwiches



An onion roll with turkey, lettuce, red pepper, pickles, pepperjack, and mayo from the cafeteria.  And turkey sandwiched between whole-wheat bread that was oven-toasted with butter and gouda at home.  The toasted sandwich was divine; I almost considered making myself a second round when I was finished eating!

Weight Watchers commercials

I think that these commercials are amazing; they manage – in a quick, funny! way – to really get at a lot of the social and emotional factors that contribute to overeating.


minta mint soda flavored with cane sugar

Minta – a mint flavored soda line made with fruit juice and cane sugar – recently sent me a box of Original, Strawberry, and Lemon to sample for the blog.  I am not exactly looking to add a non-diet soda to my daily life, but I love that these use cane sugar instead of HFCS and I think they are definitely a great treat.  The Original and Strawberry have 100 calories and 25 grams of sugar per 10 oz can (Lemon has only 80 calories because it has less sugar, 19 grams).  They are freaking delicious; like the best mojito you’ve ever had!  Adam was expecting to hate them – “mint soda?  that sounds disgusting” – but he was smitten after his first sip.

Berry chia yogurt bowls



Fage with fresh blackberries, white chia seeds, and Heritage Flakes was my lunch order this week.  The tablespoon of chia really helped to make these more filling than my past yogurt bowls.

Yes Please


I finished Amy Poehler’s book and I loved it even more than I had anticipated.  She managed to make me laugh, cry, and seriously take stock of what I want out of myself and my life.

The new menu at Bare Burger


I had a turkey burger with pimento cheese, duck bacon, stout onions, and horseradish remoulade.  It was delish.

The anticipation of a mini tropical vacation!

If the weather cooperates, I will be on a plane by the time you are reading this post.  It’s my mom’s birthday this Sunday and I surprised her by booking a ticket home for a long weekend.  St. Thomas, here I come!


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