Cookie Monster

An old-school full-day wrap-up post?  Why not!  I felt the urge.

I cannot even tell y’all how excited I was this morning that today was Friday.  Adam has the weekend off and even though he has studying to do I’ll get to sit next to him on the couch!  I still needed coffee to help me face the day though.


Non-fat iced latte (always iced!) and an apple.

I clearly wasn’t getting up early enough to pack a lunch, so I got food from the cafeteria today.


A half sandwich – love that my caf. offers that – of tuna salad, provolone, lettuce, red onions, and honey mustard, on whole-wheat.


Plus baked onion rings.

Dessert was candy that my co-worker sweetly brought me.


A thank you for the gift I brought to her baby shower on Tuesday.  I am excited for her, but also a little bummed because she’ll be out on maternity leave soon and she’s one of my favorite people at work.

We have tons of leftovers from our take-out streak the past week so we kept thing simple for dinner.


Buffalo chicken pizza.


And green papaya salad from a new Thai place in Great Neck.


The salad was flavorless and disappointing but it was my only shot at produce so I ate it anyway.

And cooooookies while we watched “Bones.”  The last caramel chip plus cookie creamer in my (half-caf) iced coffee.


Both good, obviously.

My weekend plans include a long overdue visit to the gym, Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, and a doughnut spree in Manhattan if the rain holds off.

Have a happy weekend!

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