2nd Friday

I did manage to pack breakfast today – eating before I leave the house is never gonna happen – but I got so into my patients that I totally forgot to eat it.  The services I’m currently on are fascinating: Neurology Step-Down and the Surgical ICU.

At least lunch looked a lot like breakfast.  A Quaker Apple Walnut Oatmeal


topped with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.


That combo is out of this world.

I ended up staying almost an hour late this afternoon because I took on another patient at the last minute.  Thankfully I was able to head out for fun as soon as I got home.  By the by, I know I mentioned working out today, but my right foot issue has flared up badly and if I’m honest with myself it’s probably at least another week or two before I’ll be back on a treadmill.  Boo!

Yes, it is the first Friday of this rotation, but during the second Friday of every month the art gallery on my campus hosts a free event for the public.  There is art – well, some art and lots of “art” – and nibbles.


I’m not sure what that red sauce was but it sure was tasty, my veggies were even better than my cheese.

I ate this piece of Easter candy before I headed out for the evening.


I met up with some friends for drinks before we headed to the gallery.


Couldn’t resist getting another McKenzie’s cider.

After the museum, a friend and I headed to Blue Fin to get some sushi specials for dinner.


An asparagus roll and a spicy crunchy crab roll, all for $10 including tip and tax!

What’s the best deal on sushi in your town?

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