(Pho)ning It In

I regularly drop off the face of the blogging planet and I haven’t even started my next rotation yet!  It’s rumored to be time-consuming and exhausting, but I’m sure that won’t keep me from hitting my 30-days goal this time.  I mean, I made it an entire day the last round!

You missed – bubble tea with a friend, Adam and I splitting an entire bag of chips and dip for dinner, and other stuff that can’t have been that exciting because I honestly can’t remember any other food item from the past two days.

Also, the end of my purple hair.



I had to get rid of the streaks before my next rotation so I’m back to brown, albeit a darker, redder brown.  I’ll try to get a picture in good light this weekend.

Today was the end of my winter break make-up and an on-campus meeting before we switch placements (I’ve got five weeks of clinical rotation in a local hospital coming up on Monday).  Coffee was needed.


I earned a free coffee with a book store punch card so I went big (literally!) with a venti non-fat half-pumps toffee nut latte.  Note – I drank my giant coffee and a diet pop in lieu of water all day and I totally paid the price this afternoon.

I was running late this morning – we ran out of water in the middle of my shower!!! – and I packed a fairly ridiculous trio of foods for my breakfast/lunch.  A green pear.


A Honeycrisp apple.


And a package of Annie Chun’s Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Roasted Seaweed.


I wasn’t exactly full, but at least it all tasted good.

Our meeting got out a smidge early and three friends and I made it over to the mall for some high school-style fun.  We wandered, window shopped, and got froyo.


A little plain tart with tons of popping boba for me!

Unfortunately, my dehydration kicked in during the fun and I ended up getting hit with a bad migraine.  {Sorry to be such a downer guys!}  I made it home just in time to throw up in my own bathroom; always a plus.  Then I took medicine, and a nap, and managed to feel much better in an hour or so.

My boys joined me for the nap and this scene occurred –


They are too cute.

Once I rallied, Adam and I headed out for a fun dinner.



Red Pepper might be my new favorite restaurant.  They gave us free tea and fried wontons,



and served me the best bowl of vegetarian Pho I’ve ever had.


Adam and I both thought that the broth was swoon-worthy.




I took the 2nd half of my trough home with me and we are quite excited for leftovers tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “(Pho)ning It In

  1. You’re really good about trying restaurants all over Buffalo, I feel like my boyfriend and I just stick to the city. We’ll have to branch out more.

    • I read buffaloeats.org and I feel like I get a lot of good ideas from them.

      On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 12:49 PM, Eating Chalk

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