Oh Baby Please Don’t Snow

Hello, again.  I didn’t blog the two days after Christmas because I got hit with a winter cold.  I’m still feeling badly but I’m definitely on the mend.  And yesterday was our 10th/5th anniversary!  10 years of being together and 5 of being married; they line up exactly because we made a point of getting married on our previous anniversary.

We spent yesterday doing our favorite things (sushi, froyo, a movie…) and just enjoying each other’s company.  I don’t talk about it a lot on the blog, but I am so fortunate to have Adam in my life and I could not be happier.  We both feel unbelievably lucky to get to be together.  We watched our wedding video this morning and had a great time reminiscing.  I’m going to try to get it up on YouTube if I can because it’s also hilarious!  And there’s great footage of my grandpa giving a toast (a poem he wrote for the event) that made me cry.  It is so amazing that we have his voice on record, it makes our wedding video all the more special to me.

Breakfast today was a big bowl of cereals.


All Bran Bran Buds, the last serving of Cascadian Farms Dark Chocolate Almond Granola (Adam ate through this stuff in a hurry!), toasted coconut, and skim milk.

I also had the rest of the dip (4-5 Tbsp?) with some kettle chips.


And this cookie butter candy bar that I found in the back of the pantry while putting away Christmas gifts.



The afternoon brought nachos (with black beans and salsa).


We need “tv watching food” for our “How I Met Your Mother Marathon.”  <– it’s good, but no “Scrubs”

To drink, I had the organic aloe vera drink from Aloic.


I have missed aloe drinks like crazy since we moved away from Brooklyn (where you find find them in every bodega, in fabulous combinations with tasty tropical fruits) so when Aloic offered to send me two bottles to try I happily accepted.  Here are the stats –


The drink’s taste was crisp and clean; it went down easy!  And the pieces of aloe were fun to chew.  If you’ve never tried an aloe drink with pulp, the closest comparison I can think of is the jelly that often comes with bubble tea.  Delicious.

And I ate the last of the tree pasta with salt and evoo.


I really need to consume some veggies but my cold is making everything healthy sound terrible.  Also, I have yet to go back to hot yoga and I can feel my wallet weeping with every missed class during my unlimited Groupon period.

I’m not going to post dinner, because I’m not sure yet what we’re having.  Instead two updates –

1. The weather – it is freaking snowing!


That was the view from inside the car before Adam dug us out yesterday so we could go on our anniversary date.

2. My hair – it’s freaking purple!


I continue to lose dye with each shower (that’s clearly not right) and as the color gets lighter it becomes much more noticeable.



I love it!

3 thoughts on “Oh Baby Please Don’t Snow

    • Thanks! And thanks for the advice. I have to redye it brown before I go back to work at the hospital (the 3rd week in January) so I’m not as worried about it as I normally would be.

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