Black Bean Benedicts

As I’d hoped yesterday, this was a much more successful day; after work I checked off several to-do’s that were looming.  I didn’t get in a formal workout (I was out of bed and dressed in time though, go me!) but that was because I chose a long walk with my boys instead.

Our walk ate up my time for working out and breakfasting, but at least I got coffee out of the deal.

(with three caramel coffee creamers)

Lunch was a breadless wb&j, aka a giant bag of green grapes and a packet of walnut butter.

I didn’t love Artisana’s pecan butter so I was pleasantly surprised by the walnut.  I think I’d prefer all off their options with more salt and more roast.

I also ate a thing of broccoli and cashew salad on my walk home.

To-do’s were tackled before cooking.  Sidenote – major shout out to Bank of America for awesome service; we had a fraudulent charge on my credit card and they have resolved the issue so speedily.

Dinner was worth waiting for.

A big pile of roasted green beans.

We roast the green beans (at 450* for 20 minutes) in baking spray and salt but somehow this pile tasted like butter.

Butter made an appearance on the other side of the plate as well.  The exciting thing I was going to do with Cilantro Lime Black Bean Burger leftovers? Benedicts!

Well, my take on Benedicts anyway.  A bean burger topped with a sunny side up egg topped with hollandaise-ish sauce.

The “-ish” is because I couldn’t quite pull off the sauce.  I followed a traditional recipe cut down for two servings – 1 large egg yolk, 1/8 tsp mustard, 1 tsp lemon juice, 3 dashes hot sauce, 2.5 Tbsp melted butter – but I couldn’t get it to emulsify.  I ended up cooking the sauce in my hot skillet to help it thicken up.  The smooth hollandaise texture was lost but the taste was there.

Have you ever tried your hand at hollandaise sauce?

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