I Sure Don’t Act Like I’m Almost 27

Did you know it’s my birthday in a week?  That’s right, I turn 27 on the 24th.

On one hand I don’t feel like it’s been a year since my last birthday and on the other I can’t wait for it to get here.  I’m just so sick of myself lately!  I talk to myself in my head like a crazy person like JD and in the past month I’ve head-said “when am I going to grow up?” at least a million times.

I had big plans to work out this morning and instead I stayed up past 2:30 reading a book.  And then when I got up at 10 I was almost late to work because I stayed in bed to keep reading.  I love that I’m an obsessive reader, I don’t want to ever change that about myself, but I wish I didn’t always feel like I’m not taking care of business.

I have a great life so no year is really ever a bad year, but 26 was definitely not one of my better years.  I didn’t cook and clean to my full potential.  I didn’t maintain my relationship with the husband to my full potential.  I didn’t work out to my full potential basically at all.  I didn’t do schoolwork to my full potential.  I didn’t blog to my full potential.  And when I try to think “just what the hell was I doing all year??” I have no answer.  I’m tired of feeling complacent!!!

Basically, tl;dr – I’m looking forward to living up to my potential as a 27-year-old.  And living up to my full potential during the next week, because almost-27-year-olds don’t need to wait for some magical start date to clean their apartments.

Now that I’ve ranted, this will actually be a short post.  I put in a new retainer last night and that put a major crimp in today’s eating.  I brushed my teeth this morning and then kept my retainer in full-time until 7:30.  When I left work I had a sore mouth and a growling stomach.  F’real Coffee Frozen Cappuccino to the rescue.

It wasn’t very good but it met all of my current needs (cold, soft, has calories) so I drank it.

Adam made me a bowl of green grapes when I got home.

And I made myself a big plate of eggs for dinner.

Into my skillet went –

  • 1 tsp evoo
  • ~ 1 cup frozen corn
  • big handful baby spinach
  • 2 sliced green onions
  • 2 sprinkles salt
  • 4 dashes Green Tabasco
  • 2 large eggs

Thankfully my eggs were easy to chew and tasty to boot.

I had an Abita Strawberry with dinner.

I’m going to read in bed again but I’m also going to ask Adam to slap the book out of my hands at midnight so I can make it to the gym in the morning.

Rate your current year; has it been one of your best or one of your worst?

2 thoughts on “I Sure Don’t Act Like I’m Almost 27

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