Window Shopping Wednesday

I am not much of a shopper, much to my mother’s chagrin. The woman can spend days at the mall, while I start to feel itchy after just a few hours. It’s not that I’m not materialistic, I totally am, it’s just that the thought of adding more stuff to my life makes it hard to breathe. But I like the idea of things. So I’m an avid window shopper. I browse catalogs I’ll never buy from and hold my breathe when I pass the window at J.Crew. So while I’m stuck at school on Wednesdays, I thought we could have some fun via blog. Let’s window shop!

Here’s what I’m crazy for this week –

1.  The Chicago Mix from G.H. Cretors

I know I post a lot of popcorn on WSW, but how can I not?  There are so many tasty sounding types out there!  G.H. Cretors is a family business with all-natural, kosher products.  All of their flavors sound good (kettle corn! caramel nut crunch!) but the Chicago Mix would be the perfect blend of sweet and savory – Caramel Corn and Cheddar Cheese Corn mingling in one bag.  I actually don’t really like cheese flavored popcorn but something about this company and this blend makes it appealing.

2.  The Starfish Journal from Night Owl Paper Goods

I basically just wanted everything I saw on this site.  Owls, hedgehogs, stripes, and swirls abounded.  When I had-to-had-to pick a favorite (so I could show y’all a picture) I went with this journal because I adore starfish.  Did you know that our wedding had a starfish theme?

3.  The Elsa Peretti Starfish Pendant

Speaking of starfish… I’ve now been coveting this pendant for a full decade.  Tiffany & Co. probably won’t be on my shopping list for another decade still, but this necklace is the most “me” piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen.

4. Scallop Stitched Cupcake Stands from Sweet Lulu

This was another site where I just had to pick a favorite of favorites.  Apparently Sweet Lulu is the one-stop-shop for the party of my dreams.  Cupcake toppers, and milk bottles, and striped straws, oh my!

5.  Anatomical Sweet Heart Floursack Tea Towels from Girls Can Tell

Adam is leaning more towards Oncology than Cardiology, but I’m still pretty sure we need this tea towel.  I adore the look of this type of drawing.  I’m also a big fan of the feel of science-y things in the kitchen.  And I should note – I went weak in the knees for most of this site as well.  I’m having an excitable day.

What is getting you excited this week?

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