Memorial Day BBQ And Tropical Fruit White Sangria

Happy Memorial Day!

We started our day with a workout.  We also started our day late because I was up until 4 am writing my Canada recap, but that’s another story.  Once we were out of bed we did 10 sets of 1:30 running/3:30 walking.  The same route as the other day, but this time I sprinted for the last 20 – 40 seconds of each run.  My sprint is the husband’s jog, but what can you do?  50 minutes and 4.2 miles.  I covered .3 miles more than the last time I did this workout!

I didn’t have time for breakfast because I was frantically baking, but that’s not a bad problem to have.  We went to a bbq this afternoon and came bearing gifts of Tropical Fruit White Sangria and S’mores Monster Cookies.  I’m typing the cookie recipe up to post tomorrow and the sangria recipe is at the end of this post.

I will mention now that the sangria was damn delicious.

I had two big glasses over the course of the afternoon.

It went down like water but it really packed a wallop; Michelle ended up having to lie down!

Our friends Ethan and Hannah invited us and another couple over for a backyard bbq.

The weather was perfect!  We got hot and sweaty playing badminton.

And Ethan was a master behind the grill.  I followed Patrick’s lead and topped my chicken sausage with bbq chips.

Plus onions and ketchup.

I also had a skewer of pineapple, green pepper, and chicken that Michelle marinated with some Asian flavors.

Watermelon balls.

And a S’mores Monster Cookie.

Mmmn!  Everyone gave the cookies two thumbs up and Adam and I came home with an empty container.

When the fun was over I finally got down to business and set up my binders from last semester.

That has been on my to-do list since the first day of vacation!  Better late than never?

Dinner was a veggie affair.

Roasted green beans.

Plus a hash of sorts.  Made with 1 Tbsp butter, 1 yellow onion, ~ 1 cup of sliced okra, a 6 oz potato, several glugs of apple cider vinegar, a few dashes of Green Tabasco, and ~ 1 tsp each brown sugar and smoked paprika.

The “hash” ended up tasting exactly like I wanted it to!  I love the tang of vinegar with potatoes.

And I had a tiny bowl of mint chip for dessert.

Summer school starts tomorrow and I’m meeting a friend to workout beforehand (at 6am!) so I’ve got to get to bed.  Hope everyone else had a good day.

Tropical Fruit White Sangria, serves 6 – 8

  • 4 cups sliced fresh pineapple
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 750 mL bottle Riesling
  • 1 cup Cruzan Guava Rum
  • 20 oz lemon lime soda
  1. Place pineapple in a large pitcher.  Pour in sugar and muddle with a large wooden spoon.
  2. Add wine and rum and let sit for 24 hours.
  3. Pour in soda just before serving.

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