Oddly Amazing

Hello, again!

Did you forget what I looked like?  Yes, that’s a bathroom self-portrait; yes, I’m a bit ashamed.

I’ve been gone because it’s exam week.  I don’t like to lie to you guys, so you’ll note that I cited “exam week” and not “studying for exams” as my reason for blog bailing.  It’s possible that I read two new books yesterday.  They were murder mysteries and they were fabulous.

My first exam was at 7:40 am so a stop for Ashkers on my walk to school was a necessity.

A large coffee with skim milk and sugar.  The coffee was “Jamaican Me Crazy,” a blend I’ve been obsessed with since last spring.  Our nearest Wilson Farms became a 7-11 and I don’t like Wegman’s version of JMC so this was very exciting.

I had one exam at 7:40 and another at 3pm so most of my meals were consumed in the computer lab.  I brought baby carrots,

a Coconut Chocolate Chip Clif Bar,

and a Golden Delicious apple.

And I dug into my gift bag (some of our teachers are so nice!) for a lollipop.

During the 7-hour stretch between exams I also had a diet dr. pepper.  I considered having some Combos but I ate two tubs of popcorn in the past four days and it seemed like maybe it was time to say no.

I did do some snacking this afternoon while I packed the husband’s lunch.  A slice of Applegate Farm’s Honey and Maple Turkey,

and a pack of Gushers.

I made him a snack when he got home too and after we both digested and messed around for too long on the internet we set out on a quick run.  1 mile in 11:33.  Plus a cool down of walking after we went back to the apartment for Webster.  It was pouring out but the dog was due for a bath so we enjoyed a wet walk in the rain.

I’m short on time but I made an amazing, albeit odd, dinner.

First course was salad.

Romaine topped with peanut sauce and buckwheat groats.

Next came the protein and carbs course.

I sliced up two blocks of tofu, coated them in “green sauce” and baked at 450* for 40 minutes.

Green sauce = chopped basil, apple cider vinegar, agave syrup, and green tabasco.

Then I made ridiculously stupendous grilled cheese sandwiches.

Rye bread + (shredded parmesan and 2% mozzarella mixed with mayo and Sriracha) + a bit of butter in a skillet.  The sandwiches were super tasty to the point of almost being unsatisfying because you just wanted to keep eating!

And dessert was 2 Tbsp melted Cookie Butter with a few pretzels dipped in.

I’ve got three exams tomorrow so I’ve got to get back to it!

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