Healthy or Happy

Healthy and happy.  I started my day with a run.  My day started fairly late because I skipped snoozing and went straight to turning off my alarm clock, but that’s another story.  I ran two loops around the block, 2.4 miles in 24:45.  I did a negative split (by a couple of seconds) and it damn near killed me.

Healthy.  I made myself a rehydration cocktail after my run.

Vita Coco Tropical Fruit Coconut Water and club soda.

It was pretty bad.  I think using plain coconut water would have been better.  But I was so hot that I took a cold shower so I knew I needed the fluid and electrolytes.  I drank 80% before giving up.

It was neither happy nor healthy that I didn’t eat any solid food all day but that’s what happens when you sleep until the last possible minute and then have to hustle so fast to class that you’re practically skipping.

Healthy and happy.  When I got home from school I ate a big pile of baby carrots with homemade 1000 island dressing for dipping.

I’m not sure what possessed me to make so much dressing but I used the leftovers to make Adam a sandwich so it’s all good.

I also ate a Golden Delicious apple.

Happy.  I baked a batch of blondies to celebrate tomorrow being the last day of classes.

I ate three.  Recipe should be up by noon tomorrow.

Healthy.  I ate a salad before dinner.

Romaine topped with ground flax and bbq sauce.

Healthy and happy.  We made homemade Hawaiian pizza for dinner.

We topped a Boboli Whole Wheat Crust with marinara, 2% shredded mozzarella, sliced pineapple, and “ham.”

The “ham” was actually honey turkey that I asked the deli counter to slice 1/4 inch thick.

The end result was very tasty.

Tell me one thing you did today for your health and/or happiness?

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