Ingrid and I

It’s been a back-and-forth sort of day.  My travels included –

  • home to school
  • school to the WNY Food bank (in a friend’s car)
  • WNYFB to the Broadway Market (carpool)
  • Broadway Market back to school (carpool)
  • school to the post office
  • post office to Wegmans
  • Wegmans to Batavia!
  • Batavia back home
  • home back to school
  • and finally school back to home

Whew!  Way too many miles for my poor little gas tank.

For our last class of the semester, my coordinated program group took a field trip.  We donated the money we earned from the Chili Sale to the Food Bank of Western New York, so we went there today to take a tour and give them our check in person.  The tour was fascinating; a staggering amount of food (1.5 – 2 million pounds) is moved through the food bank each month.

I ate this Stonyfield yogurt drink on my first drive to school,

and these grapes during the drive to the food bank.

I also packed an Oatmeal Cranberry Pecan Cookie for everyone in the car.

Good reviews all around!

Our next stop was the Broadway Market.

It was fun to see, but I doubt I’d go back.

One of my classmates bought a fig cookie from one of the stands a shared a bite with me.

Shockingly for me, I actually found this to be too sweet.  But the sprinkles were fun.

When we got back to school I had time to print of the last of my notes for final exams before I was off on errands.  I stopped at Wegman’s at 12:30 for a 15-minute lunch.

Food, that wasn’t very good.

I had two different types of brussels sprouts and both were basically raw.  Plus the German Potato Salad (on the right) ended up being more cheese than potatoes.  I’m not saying it wasn’t tasty, but I am saying it wasn’t healthy.

And a coffee with skim milk and two sugars that I dumped down the front of my shirt while driving on the highway.

I’ve had better lunches.

I was driving out to Batavia – 50 minutes each way – for a job interview.  They won’t know for a few weeks and a lot of other (more qualified) people have applied, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

My long drive was made exponentially more pleasant thanks the new-to-me Ingrid Michaelson CD my friend Kim burned for me.

I loved it!  The sound reminded me a lot of Regina Spektor’s 2nd album, Far.  And there were several songs that I had previously enjoyed but not recognized as Michaelson’s.  Her song “Snowfall” has been my favorite Christmas (or anytime!) song since I heard it on Bones last year. 

How gorgeous is that?

I had enough time before my final event to run home to take a quick shower and make Adam and I the world’s fluffiest smoothie.

For two – combine 1 cup skim milk, 3/4 cup h2o, 3 Tbsp malted milk powder, and 1 scoop chocolate whey protein.  Blend for far too long and you get chocolate malted air.

That big glass literally felt like nothing was in it, but at least it tasted good!  And my 150 calorie serving was surprisingly filling.  Oh the power of protein.

I was back on campus because my friend Janessa and I volunteered to run a nutrition table at the relaxation fair our college was putting on.

We were there two hours and were very pleased to see many students take an interest in our table.

I snagged a popcorn bag from a neighboring snack table,

which sparked the craving for this snack when I got home.

I’ve actually been munching my way through the bag while I typed this post!  Plus two unphotographed cookies that snuck in after I hooked up the camera.

Are you an Ingrid Michaelson fan?  How about Regina Spektor?

4 thoughts on “Ingrid and I

  1. I enjoy both of their voices, so lovely. I also love Zooey Deschanel for the same sort of voice type….and because she’s awesome for other reasons, too. 😉 I love Regina Spektor’s “The Call” which I first heard at the end of one of the Narnia movies.

    Congratulations on being done with classes! I know the feeling. 🙂

  2. I like them both, but I keep missing their concerts. They always come just as I’m leaving.
    You should give the Broadway Market another chance- it’s a Buffalo institution. My family is kind of obsessed with saving it, and the church across the street, Corpus Christi (which is crazy beautiful. You should check it out- it’s nuts). I don’t love the market (I think it has a strange smell) but it’s great for Easter, they have lots of fun, crazy-shaped chocolate, and butter lambs, and pussy willows.

    • Regina Spektor is the #1 person I want to see in concert.

      I have heard good things about the market around Easter so I probably would go back to look around, there just wasn’t anything I really wanted to purchase.

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