Red Fish, Blue Fish, Green Dog?

If I start this post by saying I haven’t been very productive today, will that be too predictable?!  I’m in a cold-weather/program-frustration/lack-of-exercise induced rut!  But I’m making a commitment to going to bed early and pushing my way out of it tomorrow.

At least all of my eats today were tasty.  Like my in-class breakfast trio.

Wegman’s Plain 0% Greek Yogurt (which is quite good and can hold its own against the big brands; though it is more similar to Chobani than Fage as it is less thick),

Fiber One Honey Squares Cereal sample (this had a gross fake-sweetener aftertaste – Sucralose was on the ingredient list – but was very filling for 80 calories),

and a honey stick.

Since my trio only had about 200 calories or so, I supplemented breakfast with a Banana Nut Bar that Odwalla generously sent me to try out.

Love!  I actually tried this in college (the first time!) and loved it then too.  220 calories, .5 grams of saturated fat, 5 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein.  Plus it packs good amounts of many vitamins, including 25% daily value each of calcium and folate and 50% vitamin e.  The bar is chewy and a bit crumbly, just like banana bread!  I shared bites with two classmates who agreed that this was the best fake (<– aka not literally just a banana) banana flavor ever.

My breakfasts held me over nicely too; I had to run several errands after class and I didn’t get to eat lunch until close to 2:30.  Actually, my breakfasts held me over well until around 1, and then I was cranky.  I went frozen meal quick for lunch.

Another Lean Cuisine win, Chicken Enchilada Suiza.

I supplemented this meal with popcorn.

There’s always room for Jell-O popcorn.

I took the doggy on a long walk this afternoon (that’s productive!) and before I knew it the husband was home and it was time for dinner.

No matter what little tweaks you make to the ingredients, turkey Reubens are always good!

This guy was GH sourdough bread, 1000 island dressing, sauerkraut 2 slices of Applegate Farms Honey and Maple Turkey, and 2 slices of 2% Swiss.  I ate at least another slice worth’s of bread in nibbles, Great Harvest is seriously the best.

With roasted green beans on the side.

A winner of a dinner.

Blue Fish, Red Fish, Green Dog?

Calling all pet owners, we could use some advice.  How do you clean up after your dog while staying green? 

Adam and I pride ourselves on being pretty environmentally friendly but Webster seems to have doubled our plastic and paper consumption.  Since he is home by himself for long stretches of time (and since he is a small dog with a small bladder in a third floor apartment) he has to do about 50% of his “business” inside the apartment.  When he’s not out on a walk, he “goes” on pee pads.

I don’t feel bad about using these because they are basically unavoidable and we have him reuse each one two or three times.  However, being the asshole that he is, only about 2/3 of his going takes place on the pee pads.  The rest of his business goes on the floor.  Number 2 requires a baggie and Clorox wipe (don’t worry, we use a different brand without harsh chemicals, I’m just too lazy to look up the name of them) and number 1 requires several paper towels and wipe.  I’ve thought about using paper towels for pick-up at home (wasting more paper but conserving plastic), but on walks we have to use a baggie.

For the past few months we’ve been leaving our reusable bags at home and reusing the plastic bags we take home from the grocery.  This is the cheapest solution but Adam and I both felt badly about how wasteful it was.  When we ran out of baggies and were forced into purchasing some I think we both were a little relieved (and we’ll go back to reusable bags for groceries).  In fact, one of my errands today was purchasing these –

These Green Bone bags are biodegradable and made from cornstarch.

So that’s an improvement but I’m still hoping to find a better solution.

Pet owners, how do you take good care of your furry friends while still taking care of the planet?

9 thoughts on “Red Fish, Blue Fish, Green Dog?

  1. There is no way this comment will not sound judgmental and I am truly sorry for that, but I don’t think you are taking good care of the dog if he has to use a pee pad 50% of the time. Leaving a dog home alone that much is not good for him. I understand working long hours. I work long hours and therefore make arrangements for my dog (doggy daycare, friends walking the dog, etc.). I hope that you are able to find a green solution for the pee pads, but I think the larger problem is the amount of time the dog is spending alone.

    • You didn’t sound judgemental at all, I totally appreciate your concern. He uses the pee pad 25% of the time because he’s home alone, the other 25% we are here with him but because of the stairs issue* he’s only been half trained in showing us when he needs to go out and therefore just goes inside sometimes even if we’re home.

      *We live on the third floor of our apartment building and because of his dachshund back Webster must be carried up and down the stairs. Not only does that take a while (especially because we have to put his collar on b/c he doesn’t wear it in the house) and asks him to hold his urine for a long time, but (again, because of his back) I don’t like us to have to carry him that often. I try to time his walks to his bathroom trips but it doesn’t always work out.

  2. Emily, have you thought about crate training Webster? Not keeping in a crate all the time, of course, but perhaps just when you and Adam are out? Dogs generally won’t pee where they have to hang out, and he will learn that he can’t just go wherever he wants to, whenever he wants to. I just worry that as he gets older, that will be a very difficult habit for him to break. (I only say this because I took my dog to a behaviorist when he was a puppy…this was his advice. But I know that the same things don’t work for everyone!!!)

    Hey, by the way…how do you do your roasted green beans? They always look SO good!!!

    • We’ve thought about it, but crating just isn’t for us. Crates aren’t all that cheap and there isn’t really a great place to put one in our apartment. He pees on the pee pad most of the time so it’s not like he’s just going all over the apartment 🙂

      I do my green beans for 25-30 minutes at 450*. I’ve found that unless some of the edges have started to burn they are still too raw for me.

  3. I agree with you about that cereal. I was given an entire box through a promotion for free. I gave it two tries, my husband only one then we had to get rid of it. It has this gross fake sugar taste and it gets super soggy in seconds.

  4. I giggled at “Green Dog” 😛 Yeah – with my pups – we FLY through paper towels like it’s nobody’s business. I feel like it’s a constant losing battle 😦

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