Confessions VI, Birthday Edition

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I drank alcohol before I turned 21.

I’m 26 years old today!

I’m excited about this age because six is my favorite number to write; even if this means I’m now officially in my “late twenties” (ugh!).

My birthday requests included a walk around Anthropologie, a trip to the grocery store to buy some of the things I pick up and moon at each week but never actually buy, and the viewing of “Friends with Benefits.”  I guess this means I like frilly things, food, and movies.

I don’t like cake.

Since I’ve always been on a school schedule (student, teacher, then student again) New Year’s Eve annoys me because the new year is in the middle of the school year.  My summer birthday seems a much better time for resolutions.  I’m still writing my list (I’m leaning toward health goals now that I’m an old lady!) but I’ll post my finished goals later today.

I plan on lying about my age when I grow up, but I’m going to tell people I’m five years older than I am so they will think “she looks at least five years younger than that!”

Any other Leos out there?

20 thoughts on “Confessions VI, Birthday Edition

  1. Hey Em, Happy Birthday! It was so great to see you and Adam but too short of a visit. I can’t wait until Christmas when we will all be reunited at the Wax Museum. I love you very much and wish you a wonderful day. Stay cool!


    Happiest of Days! We are a little behind on the card and gift, but keep your eyes open…

    We love you! Margie and Brian

  2. Happy birthday, Emily!!! You seem to have the right idea about how a birthday is supposed to be, and that’s all about YOU! I hope you have a wonderful day today. 🙂

    On a side note, I was particularly traumatized when I turned 26. I’m 31 now, and honestly, 26 was tougher than 30!

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