Horribly Hilarious

Just as needed, today was much more low-key than the first two days of my parents’ visit.  Adam was at school all day so my mom and dad and I did some shopping, ate take-out at home, and saw a movie.  It was just what the doctor my sore feet and back ordered.

For breakfast I ate the newest Clif Bar, Coconut Chocolate Chip.

I doesn’t taste like a samosa like the chocolate dipped coconut Luna Bar, but it was still pretty darn tasty.  Just enough sweet to be fun but not sickening.

My parents and I were at the mall for-ev-er, and I ended up making a lunch snack out of samples from the kitchen supply store.

Normally I’d be upset about not getting a more substantial lunch (or breakfast!), but I knew I had the filling meal coming for dinner.

Can you beat Moe’s rice bowls?  I submit that you cannot.  Rice, blacks beans, sautéed mushrooms and green peppers, corn salsa, lettuce, cheese, and cilantro.

Also amazing were the (serving’s worth of) chips I grabbed from the communal bag.

I loved getting to introduce my dad to Moe’s, you just can’t help but love it.

You can totally help but love this Eat More candy bar I bought in Canada this weekend.

I’m not even going to say what that looks like.

I took two (icky) bites and passed it off to the rest of the family to try.  Just as well, I was much more excited about my movie candy.

Gummi cola bottles!  To be accurate, gummi cola bottles, cherry gummi cola bottles, and sour gummi cola bottles; multiple varieties for the win!

The movie was also a good idea, we saw “Horrible Bosses” and all four of us loved it!  John Francis Dailey (Dr. Sweets of “Bones”) is a great actor but he can co-write one hell of a screenplay too.  The movie was dirty and guffaw-inducing, just my style.

Have you ever had a horrible boss? You didn’t kill them did you?!

8 thoughts on “Horribly Hilarious

  1. It’s funny that you think the Luna bar tastes more like a samoa because I thought the Luna tasted more like an Almond Joy and the Clif one tasted more like a Samoa. Maybe it was the texture, but its always interesting to see what other people think

    • That’s funny. To be fair – I haven’t actually eaten an Almond Joy or a Samoa in the last five years so I could be incorrect 🙂

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