Often Blogged Activities

We’ve reached the week’s end, but I suppose the weekend is more exciting to those of you who aren’t on spring break 😉

It’s my mom’s last day here, but we kept things low-key.  We did have fun introducing her to often blogged activities.  Like eating yogurts at home for breakfast.

I went with Greek Gods fig on the bottom.

Soooo good!  I don’t actually like figs that much, but this yogurt is my favorite.

We spent the day running all sorts of fun errands, like going to Target, buying groceries, and hitting up the post office.  We live large like that.  We did at least introduce my mom to the blog fodder that is Wegman’s hot bar.

I got bunches of veggies,

with sweet and sour chicken and a mushroom bun.

The afternoon was low-key, but come 5pm I was still starving!  My hunger has definitely returned.  I made myself a cocoa for the drive to dinner.

Dinner, by the way, was from Spicy Thai, and it was fantastic!  The three of us shared an appetizer plate to start.

Veggie egg rolls, tofu tod, tempura eggplant, and crab rangoon.  Yes, this dinner was rather fried.

For dinner Adam and I split cashew chicken,

and Pad See Eiw with tofu.

The cashew chicken was not our favorite,

but the pad see eiw was ridiculous good.

If you haven’t tried broad rice noodles yet you’re crazy!

And for dessert, we introduced my mom to the awesomeness that is mini ice-creams.

I went with Double Fudge Brownie.

All is right with the world.

Tomorrow we’ve got to head to the airport at an ungodly hour, and then we’ve got brunch plans and I’ve got a volunteering obligation.  I’ll be back another evening 🙂

Have you jumped on the single-serve ice cream bandwagon yet?

4 thoughts on “Often Blogged Activities

  1. I would much rather have a single serve ice cream in my freezer than a pint. I think it’s good for me, because after a serving I usually get tired of the flavor.

  2. Mini ice cream is the absolute best! I love your blog and JUST started my own, hoping to sustain a blog like yours. 🙂 Thanks for sharing all you do!


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