It’s A Miracle! {They’re Alive, Damn It!}

This weekend…

…I tried MiraBurst

Aka Miracle Berries aka Synsepalum dulcificum, a plant whose berries don’t taste sweet on their own, but have a compound (Miraculin) that binds to sweet receptors on the tongue and makes acidic foods which are ordinarily sour be perceived as sweet.

miracle berries

Please note – I was sent the berries free of charge to review.  I was not provided with further compensation for this post.

You eat the pulp, not the seeds, and the effect lasts about an hour.  They recommend trying the berries 1-2 at a time with foods such as citrus fruits, yogurt and kefir, and vinegar, so we set up a little tasting station.

miracle berries

It totally worked!!  The limes and plain yogurt were both sweet and delicious.  I could definitely see this working as a great way to get kids interested in trying new foods.  I am excited to have the berries in my freezer so I can continue trying them out on different things.

…I also ate things that were sweet all on their own – cookies!


Many, yummy cookies.  Like a chocolate chip cookie sandwich from Whole Foods.


And macarons from the tea place near my work.  We tried milk chocolate marshmallow, Nutella, and cream brulee.


Marshmallow was the best, of course.

…We went to Smorgasburg

Per usual, we focused on duck buns and iced coffees.



We also went to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory – – and hated it.  I have no idea how that place always has such a long line.

…I got a summery green pedicure


I sipped a delicious cold-brew iced coffee from Bareburger while I got my toes done.

bareburger cold brew coffee

That cup – squee!

…I ate leftovers that weren’t half bad

I drizzled leftover egg salad with Sriracha, served with leftover roasted green beans and buttered whole-wheat cinnamon swirl toast.


Roasting veggies is the real miracle, how can leftover green beans taste so good?!

…The dog ate wet food and this happened:


I tied his ears back so he could eat mess-free.  What a cutie!

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