Seven Sweet Snacks; Weekly Wrap-Up

I don’t have a ton to share this week.  I certainly ate enough – including a truly disturbing amount of potato chips – but I didn’t get a picture of much.  All I have for you today is seven great snacks…

TJ’s nacho kale chips.


These are definitely the best variety of packaged kale chips that I’ve tried.  Crispy but not crumbly.

Guava-cheese empanada on the train.  Guava and cheese are the perfect pair, I don’t know how this combo was not more popular back home.


I really wanted to love the book in the background – a collection of essays from the former food writer for “Vogue” – but it was hard not to hate it back.  Steingarten was hilariously wry and quite thorough, but his intense vitriol against all nutrition experts turned me off.

Cherry Pistachio Quaker Oatmeal with coconut butter.


Technically lunch, not a snack, but coconut butter on oats is too tasty not to rave about.

A Stumptown Cold Brew box with a Honeycrisp.


Uggh.  My favorite coffee drink with my favorite apple variety was almost too much happiness.

We said goodbye to Apple Month with caramel apple floats!


Vanilla ice cream in Jones’ Carmel Apple Soda.

Then it was time for pumpkin.  Like this pumpkin pie donut from Dunkin’.


This was actually not great – it was horrifying and neither Adam nor I wanted a second bite – but you know I have to mention all of the on-theme goodies I sample in the fall.

My pumpkin spice latte was a total win {#basic}.


I had a freebie so I went all out – venti iced non-fat latte with two shots of pumpkin spice, an extra shot of espresso, and salted caramel drizzle.

Have you had a PSL yet this fall?

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