My 27th Year Is Coming To A Close

It’s my 28th birthday on Wednesday so it’s time to look back at the list of 27 things I wanted to do in 27th year.

In the end, I did 18 out of 27, which doesn’t seem too bad.  Though, it’s worth noting that the 9 things I didn’t accomplish were largely my physical goals (whoops!).

Here’s a recap…

  1. make bubble tea at home  (taro milk tea with rainbow boba)
  2. blog every day for a 30 day stretch
  3. take the dog to a beach  (he didn’t dig!)
  4. visit the Buffalo Museum of Science  (we didn’t love it)
  5. eat an egg cream (homemade coconut egg cream)
  6. cook my own gnocchi  (with sautéed spinach and lemon-brown butter sauce)
  7. rock climb  (rocked it, hehe)
  8. bake a cake from scratch  (hummingbird cake)
  9. knit a scarf  (shown here)
  10. build a snowman  (fred lasted 1 night before a drunken neighbor kicked him)
  11. attend a street festival  (East Aurora street festival)  (Elmwood Art Festival)
  12. toast a real s’more over an open flame (at Taste in East Aurora)
  13. run 1 mile in less than 8 minutes
  14. run 5k in less than 30 minutes
  15. run 10k without walking
  16. make ice cream in a bag with rock salt
  17. reread Little Women
  18. go canoeing  (2 hour ride)
  19. make fudge  (cookie butter)
  20. carve a pumpkin  (I did stars)
  21. dye Easter eggs  (they were raw!)
  22. visit a food truck  (Llyod’s Taco Truck) (Franks)
  23. make popsicles
  24. attend a 1st Friday event  (in September)
  25. make gummi bear vodka (candy cane vodka)
  26. do something crazy with my hair  (purple streaks)
  27. host a party

I’m not sure yet if I’ll do a 28 list or not, but I know that it’s going to be another good year!

2 thoughts on “My 27th Year Is Coming To A Close

  1. 28. Love your mother. Whoops- you did that, too! We are so happy and lucky to have a daughter as “pretty, nice, and smart” as you!

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