#6 – Make My Own Gnocchi

My 28th birthday is 55 days away!  That means I have 55 days left work on my birthday goals list.

As of now I’ve completed 19/27 goals.  Unfortunately, it looks as if there is no way on Earth some of the goals will happen.  I haven’t worked out in months (mega oops) so I don’t think my running goals – both distance and speed based – are in the cards.  But the food based goals?  I’ve got those covered.

Like making gnocchi my own gnocchi from scratch.


This goal was delicious to complete!  And it was surprisingly easy, too.  With less than an hour of hands-on time we pulled pillows of heaven from thin air mashed potatoes.


I followed this recipe from Cooking Light for the gnocchi.  But instead of their sauce I tossed my gnocchi in a mix of lemon and brown butter and served them atop a bed of lemon and butter sautéed spinach.  The final taste was out of this world.


Will we be making gnocchi from scratch ever again?  Adam and I both say “yes!”

Have you ever made gnocchi, or any other kind of pasta, from scratch?

3 thoughts on “#6 – Make My Own Gnocchi

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