Happy Buyday, Webster!

One year ago yesterday, we brought home a little dog.

We are still totally smitten!

To celebrate his buyday, we made the morning all about Webster.  He started his day with chick-on chick-on.

He also had some sirloin with bacon and potato wet food but he scarfed it so fast that my pictures were a blur.

Then we went to the beach so he could dig.  Dachshunds are bred badger hunters and they are instinctual diggers.  The dog digs at the bed, the couch, and the dirty clothes bin constantly, but take him to the beach where he can dig without impediment and he mostly eats sand.

He also ran around free like a madman and seemed to have an absolutely fantastic time.

He certainly wore himself out for the car-ride home.

I love that dog!

Some other highlights from Sunday included….  Waking up at 8 am to make homemade ice cream.

I’m sharing the recipe on Tuesday and all I’ll tell you for now is that the flavor was such a good idea.

Going out for bbq for a belated birthday lunch with my in-laws.

And having a friend come over so that we could finally watch The Help.  We didn’t like the movie as much as the book!

Do you celebrate buydays with your pets?

3 thoughts on “Happy Buyday, Webster!

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