Weekend Highlights

Hello, Monday!  This is my last week of “break,” but I don’t even care because I had such a good weekend.  The past three days have been packed full of fun; we did so much on Saturday that Adam even said I wore him out!  Other than some short shifts at work, every moment has been exciting.

I only have time to share the highlights, but I will make this note – we ate like we had the wallets of our future and the metabolisms of our past!

I tried this dark chocolate and soft caramel Nunu bar (from the Yumvelope subscription my mom got me for Christmas) and fell in love.


Best caramel I’ve ever had and made in Brooklyn.

I received this incredibly sweet and generous care package from Cascadian Farm.


I am too excited to have those Oats & Honey granola bars back in my pantry.

I took Adam to Brickhouse Tavern for bacon-studded deviled eggs,


and discovered that they sold my favorite beer.


I’m not even going to try to lie, this one Red Stripe got me embarrassingly drunk.

We ventured out to Franks Food Truck at 1:30 in the morning.


Amazing fries with garlic aioli and a veggie dog topped with bbq sauce, cole slaw, and blue cheese;



well worth the tired morning.

Finally, I may not be any closer to running an 8-minute mile, but I did cross one thing of my yearly goals list





S’mores {over a fire} have been made!


Did you do anything amazing this weekend?

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