Beer Baby Belly

Friday’s here!  There is lots to do this weekend to make up for missing last week but weekend time is always good.  Today lots of food was eaten to make up for missing ….. who am I kidding?  I never miss a meal!

Breakfast was a white chocolate macadamia Clif Bar.

Lunch was pizza-pizza.  Double because I had double slices!  I had to stay at school after class for a group project and by the time I headed home at 2 I was ravenous.  I stopped at Zetti’s for two gigantic slices.

Bbq chicken and veggie.  The veggie slice was loaded with vegetables; broccoli, spinach, and several types of peppers.  I was full to the brim afterwards, mostly with cheese, but at least I got in some solid servings of vegetables.

This evening I went to a baby shower.

It was my first ever shower experience other than the one for my wedding.  I can’t even tell you all of the cute shower ideas I spotted, it was like Pinterest come to life!

The party included a sit-down dinner.

Side salad, mixed vegetables, and a bit of stuffing.  I wasn’t feeling the heavier stuff after my huge lunch.

I did grab a few handfuls of blue-for-boy candy though.

And a Michelob Ultra.

Thirst quenching because it’s basically water 🙂

I got home a bit before 9 and Adam and I took a gloriously long walk down Elmwood.  A bit over two miles which isn’t really long but ate up some time due to ambling.

We stopped at the Village Beer Merchant at the halfway point and split a beer of the root variety.

I ❤ Abita, even its nonalcoholic varieties.  I have a six-pack of Abita Strawberry in my office waiting for the summer to come.

How many baby showers have you attended?

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