Life In Lists

Some Thoughts from Yesterday

  1. I finished the last published book in the Temperance Brennan series from Kathy Reichs and I’m devastated. There’s a new one coming out this summer but that’s not soon enough! I get really into what I’m reading and when a good book is over it’s like a friend has moved away.
  2. I want to also be sad that this is the final season of “House” but honestly I’m not sure how they’d top this season. The most recent episode was amazing! While I love books (Duh!), I also get really moved by good tv. I always tell Adam and if I had watched more as a kid I probably would have grown up to work in television. I am genuinely awed by people like Hugh Laurie, Emily Deschanel, Joss Whedon, and Hart Hanson. Anyway though, “House,” I’m loving the character development. Thus week House and Chase grew in ways that were both amazing and realistic to the characters.

A Few Things Done Today

  • A CT10k workout. Week 1.2 was 9 sets of 3 minutes walking, 2 minutes running. With 5 minutes of cool down for 50 minutes, 3.85 miles.
  • I met with a friend to work on a group project. Sometime next month we are doing a nutrition education session for a group of preschoolers. Not the age range I’m used to but it should be fun.
  • I bought a Groupon for 2 unlimited months at Evolation Yoga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ll have to wait a bit to activate them (I can’t get as much out of them as I’d like and also put the time I need into the CT10k running plan) but I am so flipping excited.
  • Not my schoolwork.  Like the paper due tomorrow that’s going to ruin my Thursday.

What I Ate Today

1.  Lunch for breakfast.

In the bowl was a concoction just crazy enough to work.  Leftover Smokey Maple Baked Beans, roasted butternut squash, 4 oz of chopped up tempeh, and a dousing of Anchor Bar’s Medium Wing Sauce.

Delicious, but I was crying and snotting after every bite.  I was glad I had this onion bagel with SmartBalance Light to help break up the spice.

2.  Dinner, from Wegman’s.

Veggies with a piece of tofu,

plus a small serving of noodles with cabbage.

And grape leaves.

I had three.  We bought the ‘leaves because Adam tried to order some at his lunch today and they came stuffed with meat and covered in a cream sauce.  Weird!  I’ve never ever seen them offered like that before.  Pretty annoying too that the menu didn’t mention either of those additions.

3. Snack.  I stole the last two servings of Adam’s Somersaults.

Somersaults are his favorite snack item (he basically squealed when we discovered them on sale at Wegman’s) so I want to feel bad for eating them, but they were downright delicious.

Some Questions for You

  1. What is your favorite book series?
  2. Have you ever encountered grape leaves with meat and/or cream sauce?
  3. What’s your favorite packaged snack food?

2 thoughts on “Life In Lists

  1. 1. OMG, the Tales of the City Series by Armistead Maupin is A-Mazing! I was actually recently thinking of rereading.

    2. Grape leaves with meat, but not cream sauce.

    3. Sour cream & onion chips

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