Last night was all-around pathetic.  I stayed home alone watching Grey’s (pathetic) and crying (pathetic) while Adam was on his night rotation. I ate this pathetic plate of chips and melted cheese for dinner.

x2 (pathetic).

I had an alarm set for hot yoga, but then my neighbors were so incredibly loud that I figured it was time to get up.  After turning off my phone and brushing my teeth, I glanced at the clock and saw that it was actually 1:30 am.  I missed my yoga class and I hate my neighbors, aka my neighBOORS.  Seriously.  Adam and I lived off-campus when we were in undergrad too, but we weren’t complete assholes to coexist with.

When Adam got home this morning we spent hours (hours!) online looking through residency options.  Between trying to balance program lengths, locations, childcare possibilities, and more; it’s a fairly frustrating process.  But it is fun to think about the future.

We ate breakfast while we worked.

I had a pear,

and a cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese.

Strawberry cream cheese is too amazing.  Though I might have picked a different breakfast topper if I’d remembered that my lunch leftovers contained cream cheese too.

I gave my 5 Jalapeño Popper Won Tons a 5 minute spin in 400* oven and they were good to go.

Adam devoured the rest of the leftovers during his hospital shift.  We both agreed that they were one of my better creations.

Many (many, many, many) hours of residency research later … It was time for dinner.

The main attraction was butter chicken.

I followed a recipe from Kath’s blog, minus most of the spices because we didn’t have them.  It was still good.

This small pile of kale was actually a huge mountain before it cooked down.

Cooked in chicken stock and dressed with lemon juice and brown sugar.

And finally baked potato fries.

I cut them extra thin, before baking at 450*, and they were nice and crispy.

One more day until I go back to school,  So much to do still!

Do you live within hearing distance of your neighbors?  Have you ever had a horrible neighbor?

4 thoughts on “Neighboors

  1. My next door neighbor growing up was one of my good friends, and he had super scary southern parents who were really strict, so I could hear them yelling at their kids all the time. Not fun. And the people on the other side had like six dogs at one point, and I could always hear them growling and barking at each other. On the whole I really like my neighbors, but you never overhear the good stuff.

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