Curds and Whey

For breakfast, we ate what I can best describe a porridge.

I didn’t intend to make porridge (and since I didn’t bother to Google I’m not even sure that’s what I made!) but that’s what I ended up with.  Adam agreed to eat a bowl of stove top oats if I left out the banana and as I upped the measurements on everything to accommodate his serving, I ended up dumping way too much liquid into the pot.  The oats took forever to boil into oblivion cook and what finally helped with the extra liquid was whisking an egg yolk into the pot.

The “porridge” was delicious.

I don’t have exact measurements for my serving, but my bowl had some combination of oats, milk, water, and egg yolk.  Plus 1/6 a cup each of low-fat cottage cheese and ricotta, and 2 tsp of browns sugar.

I’ll never be sure what factor caused this bowl to be so great – the extra liquid and cooking time, the ricotta, the egg yolk – but I will definitely try to create it again soon.  Honey, do you want oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “Curds and Whey

  1. Yup, that’s porridge. If you cook oats or another type of hot cereal in a liquid (water or milk) = that’s porridge! A bowl of oats = a bowl of porridge. Just not a popular saying in the States I guess.

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