You Say Pizza, I Say Piazza

It was another great day here in Ohio.

Our last day, unfortunately.

For breakfast I poured a bowl of my grandma’s cereal mix (Cheerios, Special K, and Crispix by the looks of it) with some vanilla almond milk.

Lunch was a big salad – romaine, cherry tomatoes, and an Asian sesame dressing – with cold truffle mac and cheese crumbled on top.

Leftover mac is officially the new crouton.

I also had a glass of almond milk,

and a turtle for dessert.

We spent the afternoon switching out Christmas decorations, and the boys found a minute for a quick nap.

Then we were off to the movies.  We saw “We Bought a Zoo,” and all three of us thought it was great.  Very funny and touching.  My grandma handed me a mini York patty mid-movie that hit the spot.

Dinner was tasty as well, La Piazza in Troy.  I started with a house salad with honey mustard dressing,

and two slices of bread with garlic dipping oil.

For our main meal, Adam and I split two entres.  We shared, but both ate a larger portion of our “own” plates.  He had Smoked Chicken Ravioli (stuffed with smoked chicken, herbs, cheeses, tossed with tomato basil cream),

and I got the Eggplant Parmigiana (fresh eggplant sliced and baked with tomato basil sauce and three cheeses).

All the dishes were good, but now we are feeling a little weighed down with cheese.  In fact, I’m going to blame my heavy dinner for my complete and utter exhaustion at 9:45 pm.  Good night!

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