It’s A New Year, 2012 Resolutions

Even though my 2011 resolutions didn’t all go as planned, I still love fresh starts.  This year, I tried to think about what I hope to achieve in 2012 as I wrote my resolutions.  Getting pregnant and moving closer toward my degree both came to mind, as did trying to be my best possible me.

I picked four main goals to work on this year.  The second two aren’t very specific (not recommended for goal setting) but I think all four are things worthy of my time and effort.

  1. Workout a minimum of three times per week.
  2. Continue to read at least one book a month, for a minimum total of 30 books this year.
  3. Put the time and effort into my school work that I can be proud of each week.
  4. Continue working on being a positive person.

Are you making any 2012 resolutions?  What are they?

6 thoughts on “It’s A New Year, 2012 Resolutions

    • Next summer is the plan, though I will admit that I’m already freaking out. And I’ve got a haircut planned for the near future!

  1. 2/4 resolutions of yours are the same as mine.. good luck with yours!

    Also, for a student, I think non-specific like “Workout 3 days/ week” is necessary… life is just too busy to make anything more extreme/ specific.

    Good luck and happy new year.

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