Happy 4th of July

America the beautiful.

Adam and I had a great July 4th, I hope you guys and your families did as well.

Apparently my husband is a bad influence; I was dressed in running clothes when he pulled me back into bed this morning!  It got too hot outside to run so instead we ate leftovers on the couch.

Cheesecake Factory’s spicy cashew chicken might actually be better the 2nd day.

We had to grocery shopping this afternoon and I snacked on an (American as apple pie) apple along the way.

Like my red, white, and blue?  Being able to dress in theme colors is my favorite part of any holiday.

We celebrated Adam’s day off for the holiday with our favorite activity – a nice long walk.  Midway we split a Sprecher Orange Cream Soda.

Soon enough it was time for red, white, and dinner.

Blue corn tortillas, filled with crumbled tofu cooked in red enchilada sauce, topped with (white) sour cream.

We used this Frontera red chile enchilada sauce and it ended up being pretty flavorless, boo.

Plus some roasted brussels sprouts.

Sadly it was a kind of meh dinner overall.

Normally this wouldn’t have been near enough food for me but thankfully we did a lot of baking today, and I did lots and lots of nibbling!

Kath’s honey crunch peanut butter

My newest invention that’s bound to be the new big thing (I’ll tell you more tomorrow) –

4th of July cupcakes –

The cupcakes were simple white cupcakes with vanilla frosting, turned festive when dyed red, white, and blue and swirled together.

So fun!

Also fun?  We’re watching “Newsies” this evening!

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