Home Again, Home Again

Another 7 hours alone in the car later and I feel I’m a bona fide road tripper.  When Adam and I had to go from Pennsylvania to Miami back in college I drove about an hour total because I kept falling asleep at the wheel, but this trip flew by without incident.  And yes, I really did go home today!

As proud of my driving prowess as I am, my food-on-the-go skills were seriously lacking.  I’m the girl who brought bagged salad on an airplane, but today my traveling eats fell short.

I had a zero calorie Monster this morning but that was the only food I brought with me (minus the coffee cake my grandma packed for Adam in the trunk).

I stopped only once to gas up (holy gas mileage, Batman Pontiac Vibe!) and the rest stop was pretty much devoid of sustenance.  I made a “mocha” with half super caffeine coffee and half hot chocolate.

And I ate 90% of this bag of Chex  Mix Muddy Buddies on the 2nd half of my drive.

Ugh, this did not make me feel so good.  Sugar rush and hunger pains make a bad combo.

I was practically light-headed while I unpacked this afternoon so I made myself a slice of sourdough with Smart Balance Light.

Much better.

Adam ate through our stores this last week so we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  We knew the meal we planned on splitting was light of veggies so we actually swung by Wegman’s hot bar first for a healthy “appetizer.”

What’s shown was my serving.  Plus more bread with butter.

We split the spicy cashew chicken, our very favorite CF dish.

The lighting makes this look gross but I promise it was great.  Adam and I each ate about 1/3 and we’ll have tasty leftovers tomorrow.

Do you get tomorrow off of work?  Any fun plans for the 4th?

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