Vegan Challenge Recap

Right now I’m walking to Wegman’s to study and enjoy a (non-vegan) lunch with the husband.  I just finished my first big interview for the program my fingers and toes are crossed that I get accepted to.  I’m going to post a recap with all of my thoughts on the Vegan Challenge tomorrow, but for now I wanted to share some of the highlights and things I learned.

Cheese is good, but quesadillas can be even better without cheese.

The healthy-living blog community is a great source of fantastic vegan recipes.

Vegan food can be fun to dip, especially in Stubbs BBQ Sauce.

Veggie sushi will rock your socks.

When cookie dough is vegan, you can eat it with a spoon.

This tastes just like apple crisp.

You can make a burger out of eggplant.

I love chia seeds

I’m obsessed with cocoa. 

You can totally make a banging casserole without cheese.

I think my peanut butter noodles I good enough to enter in a contest.

You don’t need cheese on your pizza either; at least some times!

Banana Foster really is my favorite dessert in any form.

Finally, I learned that vegan meals can be fun, but I like diet wiggle room better.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Challenge Recap

  1. Love all of the vegan food, it all looks great!
    Good luck getting into the program you interviewed for, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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