Furtive, Unfathomable, and also Enigmatic

I’ve been away from the computer all day, it feels good to get back!  Only for a minute or two though, I’ve got a major exam tomorrow!

I think I’ve also got a cold.  Not to worry, I still blame all my tiredness on inconsiderate barking dogs, but I’ve got some definite sickness symptoms as well.  My interview went great (I don’t want to get into more for privacy reasons) but the minute I left the office I was practically shaking with exhaustion.   My neck/throat are so sore and puffy too.  Not to worry though, the husband decided that with my swollen nodes I look like a bullfrog when I shrug my shoulders; this has delighted him to no end all day long.

Thank goodness Adam didn’t have school today, he could drive me to and from my interview, and also to Wegman’s for a study session.  Thank goodness I packed a comfier outfit than my suit to change in to.

Not so great was that forgetting my socks meant I couldn’t change shoes; I felt like I was playing grown-up grocery shopping in heels.

And grocery shop we did (Wegman’s has the new Chobani flavors!), but first a study session and hot bar.

Even though the vegan challenge is over I still stuck with mostly veggies,

plus a little chicken for fun.

And when we got home hours later I snacked on another Bananas Foster Bar.

Seriously guys, make this recipe!  It’s like tasting Banana Bread and Coffee Cake’s wonder baby that could take over the world.

Dinner was delicious but secretive, I’m testing the recipe for a contest I’m entering and I can’t share.

Roasted brussels sprouts,

plus the mystery sandwich.

Tasty, and hopefully it will somehow magically make me smarter for tomorrow; fingers crossed!

Lift the veil; tell me a secret about you!

One thought on “Furtive, Unfathomable, and also Enigmatic

  1. Sorry you’re not feeling well, Emily! 😦 But on the bright side, those heels are SUPER cute. Can you divulge the store details? 😉

    A secret about me: I am terrified of the dark. Truly, truly terrified, and I regularly have to ask Hubs to walk me to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Have been since I was a kid. If I’m in the dark by myself long enough, I will eventually get tunnel vision and nearly pass out. Lovely!

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