Make Yourself a Dang Quesadilla

Vegan month is off to an auspicious start with this winner of a lunch.

The only way this meal could have been more enjoyable is if there was a new “House” episode for me to watch!

I used to assume that quesadilla had to mean cheese, but recently I’ve figured out that peanut butter can be a mighty fine substitute.

I steamed some matchstick carrots and piled them onto a tortilla with 2Tbsp each chunky peanut butter and raisins, and a sprinkle of sweet curry.  Then I sandwiched and gave a quick spin in a hot skillet with a bit of evoo.

Not cheesy, but still melty and delicious and good!

Alongside I had two clementines.

Both of these guys were a bit dry, I’m terrified that the crate in our fridge is getting old.

I didn’t eat breakfast this morning – not because vegan food is hard, but – because I quickly got swept up in errands.  I had an 8:15 orthodontist visit where, thankfully, they agreed that my top retainer was sitting wrong and gave it a quick adjustment.  That thing was driving me crazy!

I also went to the grocery store.

Um, yeah.  I spent practically double our normal weekly bill!  Adam is planning on attempting the vegan challenge with me, for at least the first two weeks, and I wanted to make sure he had lots of options.

Of course, when I get our biggest load of groceries ever I have to forget our reusable bags.  Forget bad for the planet (and we reuse all the plastic ones anyway), our reusable ones fit over my shoulder and are 10x easier to carry.  I honestly don’t know how I managed to get those all up three flights of stairs by myself!

Do you use reusable bags for the grocery?  Otherwise, paper or plastic?

4 thoughts on “Make Yourself a Dang Quesadilla

  1. Haha, I feel ya – reusable bags are SO much easier to carry! I think I use them solely for that reason. 🙂

    That quesadilla looks fantastic, too. PB and carrots, what a great idea!

  2. Oh my gosh, reusable all the way!!! They really ARE so much easier to carry…all of those awkward plastic handle are crazy, and let’s not even talk about paper bags. Plus, as a nice little bonus, the grocery store we use gives you back a nickel for every reusable bag you use. We never need more than our 4 bags, but thats 20 cents! That’s like almost $12 at the end of the year! 😉 That right there is the price of a manicure.

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