Pizza for Breakfast and Presents for Dinner

I’ve got to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, so hang in for a longish post.  Thank goodness I don’t do things like work out or leave the house, there’d just be too much to say!

Breakfast (late breakfast) was one of my favorites, Pizza Eggs.

Eggland’s Best scrambled up with turkey pepperoni, sharp cheddar, and marinara sauce.  To die for.

Making it even better, I’ve discovered the best way ever to scramble – leave the yolks set (almost like you are making fried eggs) and scramble just the whites.  Then, at the last minute, scramble in the yolks.  Allowing the components to cook apart for a while takes eggs to a whole ‘nother level!

Lunch covered another favorite technique, my new favorite for tuna salad.

I call this “Last Date Tuna Salad;” my regular recipe – canned tuna, miracle whip, and tons of pickle relish – taken over the edge with the addition of lots and lots of chopped red onion.  Try it, you’ll thank me, just don’t kiss anyone right after lunch!

Aside my salad was a piece of ciabatta bread, toasted and buttered.

It was a smelly tasty lunch.

I had to eat a peppermint stick to slay my breath before the husband came home!

I also nibbled through the last two cookies this afternoon.

Remind me how I haven’t made every last one of Jenna’s recipes yet?

Then came dinner.

My generous parents know we’re too poor for healthy seafood (and I’m too much of a girl for sardines), so they gifted us with “charge some salmon to the credit card one night, and marinade it in the maple dill dressing from your stocking” for Christmas. <– Yes, this was a stocking gift; and yes, they’re a little crazy.

Alongside we roasted up some asparagus,

and mini yellow potatoes.

And then there was snack.  For dessert we sampled a new flavor of Pop Chips.

Think early bedtime thoughts for me please; tomorrow I’m going to try to get up and be a real girl, maybe I’ll even leave the couch house!

5 thoughts on “Pizza for Breakfast and Presents for Dinner

  1. The eggs look yumtastic, Emily! Definitely going to try this. On another note: I have a salmon recipe for you to try!

    Glaze: Part mayo, frozen orange juice concentrate (still frozen), fresh dill (be generous), white pepper, & dijon mustard. I use the mayo as the base and add the rest of the ingredients to taste – the orange shouldn’t over power the other flavors though. Mix until blended and keep cool in the fridge until you’re ready to bake the fish (glaze should stay kinda thick). I get nice thick fillets so that it’s easier to slather the glaze on generously.

    Pop the fillets into the broiler for a few minutes or until the glaze starts to bubble and look golden-ish. And, presto! Let me know if you try it and what you think 🙂

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