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FYI – No wrap-up post this week.  I checked my camera last night and found a total of four (out of focus) photos; whoops.  Instead, here are some of my favorites from sites that were putting out actual content…

{for learning}

1) A post from Real Mom Nutrition on how people who don’t strictly calorie count can still use the nutrition information on restaurant menus.

2) Another one from Sally, on why she doesn’t like using the word “never” to describe foods.  I am in 100% agreement with every word of this.  And it’s funny!

3) Science-Based Medicine explains why “detoxes” are bullshit.  <– I highly recommend this site

4) 4 myths about gluten-free from RDelicious Kitchen via Fannetastic Food.

5) Grapefruit and Granola looks back at her first year as a Registered Dietitian.

{for laughing}

csi my house


50 shade of unrealistic


adopt a sense of humor


fruit bat's fruit bat


what is like


That last one is definitely me with television!  And music, books, foods, and pretty much everything else.

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