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My mom is an elementary school librarian, so reading has always been a big part of my life.  The only resolution I repeat and consistently achieve each year is to “read at least 1 book per month.”  Lately it’s been more like 4+ books per month.  I complain a lot about my crazy long commute, but really I’m not sure what I’d do without the daily reading blocks my time on the LIRR gives me.  I’ve read more books this past year than any other time in my adult life!

I just wanted to pop in and share some of the things that have made my fingers flip through pages (or scroll through Feedly) extra quickly lately…

{think} blog posts from other RDs

According to Elle – “Debunking Yet Another Low-Carb Claim

          An educated look at the recent study that pitted a low-carb diet versus a low-fat diet.  I think this is basically a must-read!

Bitchin’ Nutrition – “Testing Your Intestines

          Information on the types of tests required to diagnose food allergies and intolerances involving wheat and gluten.

Grapefruit & Granola – “School Vs. Clinical Dietetics

          A comparison of her days in a school cafeteria versus the hospital.  This one is probably most interesting to other Dietitians.

Dietitian Cassie – “Are Organic Foods Worth It?

          I’m cheating, this is actually a video segment!  She discusses which foods it is most advisable to buy organic.

{fun} two books I really loved recently

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

Little Giant of Aberdeen County

From the back of the book:

Meet Truly Plaice – part behemoth, part witch, part Cinderella.  Born larger than life into a small-minded town, Truly breaks her family into smithereens.  Her mother dies during Truly’s birth, and when her father follows shortly afterward, Truly and her dainty sister, Serena Jane, are destined for very different fates.  As Truly grows larger and larger on a rundown farm, she watches lovely Serena Jane become the town’s adored May Queen and the obsession of a local boy, Bob Bob Morgan – the youngest in a line of Aberdeen’s doctors, who for generations wove their influence among the town’s citizens.  Yet no matter how far apart life propels them, Truly and her sister are forever linked.  And Truly will find her future shaped by Serena Jane’s relationships, a centuries-old antique of Dr. Morgan’s, and the reality that love cannot be ordered to size.

This book was 340 pages long and I tore through it in one day.  Putting it down was not an option!  Baker was beautifully descriptive and I think she achieved the perfect balance of tragedies to happy endings.

Dead Wrong by Allen Wyler

Dead Wrong

Note – This book I received free of charge to review from Astor + Blue.  I was not obligated to post unless I wanted to and I did not receive compensation for this post.  It’s also available on the Nook.

From the back of the book:

When a top secret program of implanting harrowing memories into innocent people comes to light, neurosurgeon Tom McCarthy is literally caught in the crossfire.  While McCarthy looks forward to a three-day weekend, his office is suddenly raided by two Department of Defense investigators bent on arresting him for a crime he didn’t commit. All hell breaks loose when an inadvertent scuffle escalates, leaving one agent dead at the hands of the other, and McCarthy fleeing but hopelessly trapped inside the labyrinthine corridors, heating ducts, and stairways of a gigantic Seattle medical center.

With the CIA and Seattle PD closing in, McCarthy unwittingly pulls Dr. Sarah Hamilton into the fray. And like rats in a maze, they struggle to stay one step ahead of their deadly hunters, while simultaneously uncovering a trail of corruption that reaches shocking dimensions.

Penned by master neurosurgeon, Allen Wyler, DEAD WRONG brings the reader inside the world of an insidious and terrifyingly plausible narrative, to create a heart pounding, claustrophobic and nightmarish thriller.

The only reason I didn’t finish this one in one day as well was because I started it during the work week.  I could not wait to see what was going to happen next or to learn more about why things were unfolding the way they did.  Wyler did a nice job of switching between first and third person narrative and the shifts in perspective helped to pull me in as well.  I don’t want to give anything away, but I was pleased with the ending.

Do you have any books to recommend?

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