Every Now And Then…

… I keep it together.

You thought I was going to say “fall apart.” I did too, that’s why this is a half day post. I was planning to write (title: “What’s The Plural Of Crisis?) about why I wouldn’t be posting this week, but then I realized – I really didn’t want to fall apart. A lot of nonsense has gone down this week, and I’m totally nervous about school next week, but sometimes it feels good to keep it together.

Some good stuff happened in the days you missed too. I met with a friend who recently became a mommy for a walk around Delaware Park with her and the baby . They were both doing awesome and my must-get-knocked-up fervor was renewed.  I baked malted toffee blondies and brought them to a friend’s birthday celebration.  I watched more “Awkward.”

Today I worked.  Afterward Adam picked me up for an awesome date night.  We parked in Allentown and walked to the subway.  We stopped along the way for green juice.

I got a glorious mix of collard greens, spinach, kale, watermelon, and mango.

I pulled it together before went to work but my juice mix could have cheered anyone up.

We subwayed it to the canal for our date; a free Matt Nathanson concert.

We ran into friends that we haven’t gotten to see much this summer so even though we didn’t know many songs we still had a great time.  The only ones I could sing along with were “Laid” and a random White Snake cover.

A friend who couldn’t make it tonight gave me her booze tickets so we scored free drinks.

I had half of that Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade before passing it off to Adam in favor of a Labat Blue Light with Lime.

Drinking in the grass with friends and free music?  Awesome.

After we journeyed home we had pizza for a late dinner.

Adam and I split three (big) slices; bbq chicken, buffalo chicken, and veggie.

I’m feeling very full, pretty tired, and much better!

What do you do to regain control if you feel like you’re about to wallow?

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