Friday Eats

Here is how my day was on the food front.  You can probably guess how my good decision-making went, the 2am post is a giant clue.  Netflixing old episodes of “Scrubs” was genius!

Bar for breakfast.

The Peanut Crunch Zone Perfect Bar was my last flavor to try from the Perfectly Simple line.  This flavor was my favorite.  The texture reminded me of a crumbly oatmeal cookie!  And I liked the fact that the flavor was peanut butter-y without being too overwhelming; sometimes peanut flavored bars make you need a drink.

Coffee with skim milk and Irish cream syrup.

Lunch was a slice of buffalo chicken pizza.

And a mini ice cream.

And dinner was a bowl of casserole leftovers.

I added a drizzle of evoo and 1.5 oz of sharp cheddar to the mix and the dish was much improved.

With several spoonfuls from a fresh Biscoff spread for dessert.

And a side of tv reruns!

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