Yesterday – Brunch and Book Club

Sunday was a great day; a busy, friend-packed, fun day.  I spent breakfast with the medical school crowd, lunch with the husband, and dinner with my dietetics friends.  I had not one spare minute for blogging but I wanted to play catch-up now since I ate so many great things.

As I said, we spent Sunday morning with some of the medical school crowd.  Adam’s friend and his boyfriend invited us all over for a homemade brunch.

In spite of my Prosecco-filled Saturday, I started my morning with a hibiscus mimosa.

I smothered this whole wheat waffle in maple syrup.

The waffle was amazing; it was so airy that it actually melted in your mouth!

I also had several bites of chips and guacamole.

It was great getting to sit and catch up.

Adam and I spent the afternoon blissfully watching Stargate: Atlantis.

Snacky foods were eaten for lunch.  Tons and tons of snacky foods.

Kettle corn (I polished off that entire trough for a shockingly low 400 calories) and Crab Chips (2 servings) that were delightfully spicy.

That night I went over to my friend Anna’s house for gossip and snacks club book club.  Here’s part of the spread.

I brought over two new dishes that turned out great, Jalapeño Popper Rolls and S’mores Dip.

Be on the lookout for those recipes to be shared over the next two days.

Here was my dinner plate.

Grapes, a jalapeño popper roll, Wegman’s marathon bread with guacamole, and a slice of Greek quesadilla.  I also ate many more grapes and several scoops of s’mores dip.

To drink, I had a sprite with vanilla vodka.

It was a surprisingly good combination and probably to blame for my eating the final jalapeño popper roll when I got home.

After a great Sunday, I woke up this morning feeling a little bit off.  I hit snooze on my alarm for a solid hour and a half before I decided to turn it off and just let my body tell me when it was done sleeping.  I stayed in bed until it was practically time to leave for class (!!) and I feel great now.  But I didn’t eat breakfast and my morning run will have to be completed this evening.

I ate lunch in class and it was fabulous.

3 oz of bread and butter pickle slices,

baby carrots,

and the other half of my dark chocolate mint m&m’s from Saturday.

I’ve been working on the blog since I got home from school (yikes!) and I had a snack while I wrote.

Golden delicious apple slices with 2 oz of melted s’mores dip.  I aimed for mainly carbs rather than protein and fat because I’m heading on my make-up run as soon as I’m done here.

And I’ll be done just as soon as I make two interwebs fashion notes.  1, I got my outfit idea for today from Pinterest.  The inspiration

My attempt –

I think I did ok!

2, Do you like my nail polish?

It’s “a-taupe the space needle” and I wished for it here.  When we were all in Ohio for the funeral my aunt bought it for my cousin’s girlfriend and she didn’t like it so it was gifted to me.  It’s darker than I was expecting but I’m a fan.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

4 thoughts on “Yesterday – Brunch and Book Club

  1. That dip looks fabulous!

    I really like your take on that outfit, I think it turned out well! I would love to say that I get my fashion trends from some great fashion magazine, but the truth is that I’m just more of a classic dresser. If I’m going to spend good money on a piece of clothing – which I tend to, only because I find cheap clothes to be cheap for a reason – I want it to be something I can wear for a long time. The only time my outfits get funky is with any added accessories. Otherwise I’m into timeless pieces. BORING, right? LOL

  2. I have no idea where I get any “fashion inspiration” other than racks in Nordstrom (or Nordstrom Rack!) I’m actually a little awkward with my fashion lately, unsure of how to dress getting ready to leave the working world! I like the outfit, though I bet it’d look even better with a drastically different colored shirt.

    Which makes me want a brightly colored button down real badly.

    Also, Crab chips and hibiscus mimosas…. that looks beyond tasty.

    • I’ve decided that button ups belted over sundresses might be my uniform this summer so you probably will see the combo with a drastically different colored shirt soon 🙂

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