BBQ ‘Bellas

The stormy weather threatened my workout tonight but I persevered.  When I walked outside into heavy rain I knew I had to rethink my run.  Then the husband offered to drive me to the gym like a knight in shining armor a dry car.  I’ve hated running on the treadmill recently but it’s better than nothing at all.  I ran 2 miles (18:44) and then walked a 5 minute cool down.  2.3 miles and 24 minutes.  Followed by a few minutes of strength/stretching.

Dinner was a beauty.

It’s been years since I’ve eaten a portabella burger but a Wegman’s worker was cooking them for a display at the store last weekend and Adam and I both caught the craving.

These babies were especially good when paired with bbq sauce, aged gouda, and jalapeño cream cheese.

I put the ‘shrooms and a bit of canola oil over medium-high heat and then covered the pan and let them cook for 6 minutes.  Meanwhile, I toasted up some sandwich thins.  I schmeared 1 oz of jalapeño cream cheese on a thin, topped it with the cooked portabella, and then topped that with a healthy drizzle of Stubbs bbq sauce and 1 oz of aged gouda.

The sandwiches were a mess to eat but oh-so satisfying.

Roasted asparagus rounded out dinner.

This meal tasted like summer.

Pick your favorite – bean burger, beef burger, turkey burger, or ‘bella burger?

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