A Sweet Start

That title is literal, I opened my day with some baking!

I didn’t get to taste the finished product at 8am, but you can bet that I licked those beaters, raw eggs be damned.

I also had an onion bagel with strawberry jelly.

Try that combo sometime, you won’t regret it.

School was not as sweet; my test was basically a disaster.  I knew a whole lot of material that wasn’t on the test, and a whole lot of nothing about what the questions were asking.  The class is with my favorite teacher whose previous tests (in two other classes) I all scored a 100% on so it was extra disappointing.

Thankfully the test at least meant we were done early, giving me time to work on a group project and go to the gym.  My CT10k workout for today was 12 sets of 2:30 walking / 2:30 running.  5 miles in 60 minutes.  When I was done on the treadmill I did some strength and stretch moves on the mat too.

I drank half of this lemon-lime G2 while I was running.

And when I got home I finally got to try those blondies.

I made Malted Heath Bar Toffee Blondies; swoon.  They are chewy and fantastic but you’ll have to take my word for it because the recipe was cobbled together from a few sources and wasn’t changed enough to be sharable.

I ate 1.5 and then made myself stop so I’d still be hungry for a real lunch.

Though I did get another bowl to lick.

I wasn’t done baking, oh no; can you guess what I made next?

Two Ingredient Ice Cream from Cookies and Cups to fold my malted heath bar toffee blondies into.  I used half light cream and low-fat sweetened condensed milk so I’ll have to let you know how it turns out.  The ‘cream needs 4 more hours in the freezer and I’ll be waiting with bated breath.

In the meantime I made a small green salad.

Baby spinach topped with 1 Tbsp each raisins, groats, and peanut sauce.

Plus I had a bowl of leftover linguine, turnip greens, and mushroom umami pasta sauce with a drizzle of evoo.

I think that set of leftovers was technically the husband’s, but it tasted too good for me to feel bad.

I need to buckle down for a few solid hours of work this afternoon and then I’ve got a fun weekend ahead.  Tonight I’m going with a  group of friends to see a dance performance at UB, tomorrow Adam and I are making a day trip to Toronto, and Sunday I’m having lunch with a dearly missed friend who’s back in town for a visit.  Wheee!

Anything exciting on the agenda for your weekend?

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